The Day We Fight Back

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

First Posts Always Bite It

So I'm going to get the obligatory introduction overwith. I'm Ivey and my partner Roblem and I have a store and a sim in Second Life. We used to have separate stores but it seemed more efficient and more fun to do it together, so we combined Murderdolls and Retox and renamed it Sn@tch. We sell dirty, grungy, scary, sexy things...clothes, accessories, body parts etc. Things to spiff up your avatar and shit. When we got our sim Pulse, we wanted an urban/horror environment that suited our personalities and at the time I couldn't even make a proper T-shirt. A lot of reasearch and help later and I'm actually churning out some decent stuff I think. Roblem does some nice work himself -grins- Anyways..the result is Sn@tch. We'll post updates and new releases here like most do and prolly make some comments and do reviews occasionally on stuff we like that other designers do. (I'm a huge fan of some really talented people and a shopaholic so that helps) Rob will post too with his stuff and two cents. I hope you check back to see whats going on and add yourself to the Sn@tch Group in SL. We'll be sending out notices there and more than likely the occasional go for it!

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