The Day We Fight Back

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Pretty Trashy

Sooo, spurned on by Kalia's motivation I cleaned out my entire inventory. Not just the crap...all of it....down to landmarks and notecards. All the no copy shit went into boxes for a raffle (dates and details to come soon) and the rest went into a huge freebie box which is available at the main Sn@tch Store on Pulse. some really cool stuff in this box. Gadgets, clothes, shapes, skins, eyes, textures, scripts, furniture, prefabs, gestures...over 1000 items I've collected and been given in the year I've been in SL. Have at em, pass em on...Use them like I did to learn how to create. Just remember, this will fill your inventory like it did mine!
I'm also doing a neat freebie of the week. Most will be stuff I made that I don't normally sell or new free stuff that people pass me or I find in my trips off the sim. Look for the TVs in the main store!
I had the hardest time coming up with a name for this dress. It's fun, slinky, trashy and makes me feel like a high dollar hooker when I wear it -grinss- I finally decided on Backseat Prom Date...cause I can picture the legs up over the car seat, propped on the ceiling and this dress unzipped, pushed up and pulled down. Five colors available separately for $200 L each or as a phat pack for $750 L. Hope you get a corsage....oh and a ride home.

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