The Day We Fight Back

Friday, September 19, 2008

Yaarrrrr... I dont have any pirate shit but I do have a peg leg. JK I don't have a peg leg. I've been on a boat though. Yaaaarrr.

New things, will prolly take me a couple posts so I'll spread em out for ya. -blows kisses- And come see me and some fantastic talented designers works at the Rezzable Black Swan sim when you get a chance (if you haven't already) ooo a pirate ship would look cool there!

Six scoop necked and cropped short sweaters, very also get a long ruffled black linen skirt and a double wrapped studded belt with sculpted buckle. There are way too few long skirts in SL that you can wear alone with any top and I love making these.
This is prolly the most 80s inspired outfit I ever made and it's NOTHING like what I was wearing in the 80s (I drowned in Goth depression and mostly black) This is really cute tho and ultra pop girl new wave. You get SIX turtleneck sweaters, hand shaded and shaped with sculpted sleeves and collar. It also comes with a sassy houndstooth skirt with skull and rhinestone belt buckle, white thigh highs a black knit legwarmers. I called it "Girls Like Me" cause I absolutely had the flick Valley Girl in my head when I made it. LOL I should have included a braided headband.
I saw this top in a magazine and just had to make it. It goes so fab with jeans too but I made a matching skirt. It's a plaid trimmed knit top with a buttoned panel and a sculpted pointed collar with an almost knee length fitted skirt with a little plaid flounce in three trim colors. The skirt has a little razorblade buckle so after a line from one of my fave movies, Crybaby, I called it "Sometimes Shook Up Old Ladies Get Cut" lol
I made some collars to match the Cruel Cuffs/Single Row Spikes. Texture Changing Band on Click with 12 Textures in Shiny and Rusted.
More to come, some gothlicious stuff otw
Luff & PEACE

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