The Day We Fight Back

Friday, January 2, 2009

A New Year and New Resolve

I have a New Year's resolution to keep up with the blog better this year, at least I'll try lol I've been known to procrastinate -coughs-
Here's some retooled items and a couple new things from Sn@tch.

The Crazy Little Skirts have been revamped. Wear as short shorts or add the prim panel for a cute little jean skirt. They come in FIVE colors.

One of the first things I made and a best seller, the Punk as Hell 1984 Jeans are unisex and come in two layers. I added some prim suspenders just cause it looked hot.

Plaid baggy Jeans in six colors with a grey and black sleeveless halter sweater.

Badass Bitch from of my first outfits redone with a semi sparkly denim. The set comes with sculpted cuffs, woolly striped off shoulder sweater, Pewter Star belt and a rose and thorns belly tatt.

Fun glittery bikinis in 6 frosty colors with lace trim. The bikini bottoms come with and without fitted fishnets. I always wanted a fishnet I could wear with panties that wouldnt show up top.
More recent items to come!

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