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Monday, June 1, 2009

Vivian's Heart

As you may have or may not have heard...June 1st is Relay for Life's Paint the Grid Purple Day. Just for my VIP group I did a special exclusive color of my new dress Nip Slip on the Red Carpet in, yeps you guessed it, PURPLE. I also made my very first ring. This will never be sold in the store and is just for the Sn@tch VIP Group. I named it Vivian's Heart and it is in honor of my mother who has spent the last several years battling skin and eye cancer. Her 80th birthday is tomorrow and she is my hero and the strongest person I know. I hope every day I can be as loving and as loved as she is. If you'd like to join the VIP group you can get this special edition dress and ring and if you feel so inclined, please stop by the store or any RFL kiosk and make a donation in honor of someone you love as much as I love my mom.
Have a great day!

Info:PAINT Second Life PURPLE!
Join us, show your support and wear purple on June 1st.
On the first day of June, if you are going for a stroll or if you are having a party with friends, wear a purple ribbon, toss on purple clothes, turn your house lavendar even - and yell out to the world that you support the fight in against cancer!
This idea came out of a Relay For Life Group Chat, where the subject was about giving support to those who are in the waiting stage in their fight against cancer, pointing out how hard and scary that part is and how support from others helps so much easy, just knowing others are there.
When Jasmine, Zoie, Tari, Kat, Nikkie, Spaci, Jane - relay volunteers - started talking about how in real life whole towns would turn purple to show support for the fight against cancer; they decided it would be an awesome idea to do the same here in SL. Not everyone has money to give or even time to spend, but everyone can wear purple.
COME ON! Purple Day doesn't cost one red cent or one virtual linden. Instead you have the chance to show your support for the fight against cancer just by helping to turn SL purple. Let's show RL that we are ONE WORLD and WE SUPPORT EACH OTHER! GO RELAY!

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