The Day We Fight Back

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Hunt Is ON...

And I can smell the vinegar from here...phewwww!!

I took a walk around Pulse and Snatch City Last night and mannnn there are a LOT of douche bottles all over the place. From me alone there are THIRTY...almost all of them are free! Search high and low they're not just on the ground but on tops of buildings, in trees...all around the Sn@tch main store and in & around other shops on BOTH sims. To promote the adage that you get what you pay for, some of the bottles are set to 10, 25 and a few at 100 L for the REALLY good stuff. So come for the freebies, come to get great deals or come for the fun and explore the fantastic Pulse sims before we start to tear em up for Halloween! (YES we're starting the third annual Halloween build this WEEKEND and it's gonna be disturbinggggg and awesome)

The douche bottles are mostly brightly colored in various scents including watermelon, tropical splash, strawberry, buttered popcorn and the infamous LYSOL :O

Here's a list of stores (that we know of so far) participating in the hunt this weekend and the stuff out there is awesome and most of it FREE for the grabbing! Clothes, piercings, skins, tattoos...all kinda great alternative stuff and some exclusive items from these talented designers!

Sable Rose
Souzou Eien
World Wide Industries

We can't wait to see you. It's only from NOW til Monday night so come get freshened up. I smell stank!

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