The Day We Fight Back

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Back with a Vengeance!

You've never seen a Halloween build like this! We invite you to our 3rd annual Halloween event "Nightmare Eden". This has been three months in the making and the result of a lot of hard work from the Pulse & Snatch City Management Team and Vixen Games. Last year's "Cutting Class" drew almost 20,000 people to the event with fab reviews and we hope this year will be even scarier.
This is not a "hunt" this is an interactive and immersive game with puzzles and prizes. It will not be easy or quick. The puzzles are simple yet slightly challenging and it may take some time to get through, so plan for at least an hour when you come in order to finish. We hope that you enjoy what we've worked so hard to put together with a lot of love for the holiday and for horror games and films as well as our customers and visitors. We also hope you will really like the items so generously donated by our vendors and friends and visit their stores and tell YOUR friends to come enjoy it too. To get a peek check out the article in Best of SL Magazine, page 132
We did our best to keep lag to a minimum by spreading the build out over two sims and with a low number of scripts and a limited texture pack but please help everyone out by removing heavily scripted objects and high prim clothing and hair. We really appreciate that.
Prizes generously donated by !ReToX!, [Gauze}, Forsaken, IrEn, Moonshine, Fusemelon, .44 Caliber, Persnickity, A.Bomb, Peek, The Black Canary, Souzou Eien, Vanilla C and Worldwide Industries. More coming from what I heard too.
Quotes from VIPS invited for the pre-opening sneak peek:
"the one last year made me sleep with the light on, i kid you not"
"BETTI is a psycho lol"
"I'm tellin ya. I don't get spooked easy, but this place is doin a good job and I've been here only 5 minutes"
"Okay that whole thing was bloody cool as hell"
"wonderful gifts...and one, that I have never seen anything like it before."
"this just keeps getting better each guys are awesome thank you so much"
To kick off the official opening of Nightmare Eden we will be partying at Club Mutation all night Wednesday. DJ Joanna will be spinning from 12-2pm and Dov from 10-1am. There is a best in mutated alien costume contest going on during both sets. 1st prize is a gift bag STUFFED with TONS of goodies worth over 2500 L!!!!! We hope to see you there to help us celebrate a love for the season and a lot of hard work. So come on down to Club Mutation and party with us and start the holiday season off with a SCREAM! We would like to thank the following sponsors who donated gifts for the club events:
Sn@tch, The Stringer Mausoleum, Nomine, *FM* Fusemelon, *Dreams*, ][.House of Ruin.][
Please tell your friends about us and share the landmark and we would love if you visit the stores of all the vendors who donated prizes or even send them thanks. They were so generous to give to this event and have our gratitude.
So turn up the sound, turn down the lights and get ready for a trip into HELL. I think this is your flight...

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