The Day We Fight Back

Friday, November 27, 2009

Sn@tch is the New Black

If you haven't heard of "Off the Rack" outfits from Sn@tch, here's a little introduction. I think of it like Garanimals for SL. Because I do mostly full outfits in multiple colors and big fat packs of tops and bottoms, there was a lot of push to do simple put together outfits all in one folder, so last week I started to put these together, mixed and matched from Sn@tch's best. I tried to do a good selection across the board of sexy, youthful, stylish and urban. Most everything has a lot of black in it this week cause it is "Black Friday" after all. Just for today all these outfits will be on sale for $99 L. Yeps...full outfits, clothing layers and parts only (Hair, Skin, Jewelry, Shoes not included) So put your look together in one click with Sn@tch "Off the Rack" They go back to $150 L each tomorrow. Next week I'll have a bunch more!

On the New Release wall are the brand new Muff Stompers. Ya I know...I just love a little double entedre dont I? These are my very fave thing this week and I havent taken off the black ones in days. Chunky Suede Snow Stompers in black and YES white. With texture changing laces. Nanook of the North found sexy at Sn@tch

Lots more new stuff at Sn@tch today including the new Plush Skin Line, warm winter sweaters, lots of leather and now TWO lucky chairs packed with new stuff. Riot Vendor and Fortune Teller with great items in this week. Come by and see before all the turkey is gone.

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