The Day We Fight Back

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Go Ivey..It's Your Rez Day

Yesss it's my rez day and that is the very first pic of me in SL...I'm about 5 days old. Three years ago I stumbled into orientation island and immediately slammed into a stranger, then into a wall, then off the path into the grass and I think I've been stumbling my way through ever since. People say it seems like only yesterday but for me that couldn't me more untrue. It seems like forever ago that I first learned to open a box and copy the contents to my inventory folder or that someone showed me how to adjust my boots so my skin didn't poke through, or that awesome day when I found out what an AO was. I feel like people now really take those kind of things for granted since we've been around for awhile. Please remember to pay those kindnesses forward and help out when a new player asks or needs help. Somebody helped us once so we wouldn't look dumb. I see too many people point and laugh at noobs rather than help them out. Just try to remember what it was like for you and how grateful you were when someone went out of their way to do that. I'd like to thank the chick that showed me how to teleport and sent me the landmarks to Wrong, Bare Rose, Nomine, Goth1C0 and Pixeldolls. I still remember you. Who'd have thought three years later I would have my own successful business in SL. several sims, my partner in SL and RL and my incredible friends and family. Thank you SL for 3 amazing years and I can't wait to see what's next.


Isle said...

Happy Rezday Ivey.

This was a great post for reminding us all of how it was for us too.

Congrats on 3 years, on <3 and on the biz, and wishing you many more.

Winter Jefferson said...

Congratulations Iveeeyyyyy...!

Thank you for allowing me to slobber all over you. And for being slobber worthy. Apart from making cool shit you are a terrific person, and one it's my honour to know.


Iki Ikarus said...

Happy Rezzday Ivey! <3

Munchflower said...

HIPPY REZDAY! Love you <3

Ivey Deschanel said...

awe...gonna cry now

Anonymous said...

I'm missing lots these days but happy rez ya