The Day We Fight Back

Sunday, February 7, 2010

HUGE SALE @ Sn@tch

I generally don't pull punches when it comes to speaking my mind and recently I've been under fire for saying what I think is right regarding IP theft and copying in SL. I've been accused of supporting copyright infringement and content theft and it's been said I should be "shunned by those with artistic integrity" for simply reminding people that a person's intellectual property is their own to handle to in the way they see fit. That is actually what copyright is. In my heart I believe that education, community and support for each other as well as encouraging the Lindens to make changes to protect us are a much more proactive and positive way to go. Throwing stones at each other, blame and fear, trying to control people's behavior through shame and bashing only lead to more of the same and hurt innocent people in the process including those who've already been discouraged and cheated by theft. So...please when you see what you believe to be stolen content or something that may be infringing on copyright, report it to the designer or copyright holder if you are concerned about it and let them handle it legally and privately in the way they wish. That I believe is the ethical and responsible thing to do.

Ok on to the SALE. I know most Americans will be glued to the TV today watching "the Big Game" (not me of course, football is right up there will a visit to the Dentist for me LOL) But I wanted to remind the people still in world today that Sn@tch is having a huge sale. I called it the Boycott sale cause was funny. 50% to 75% off everything in the store with just a few exceptions (the new release wall, the cheapie room and gift cards) All else is ridiculously cheap. It ends Monday night at midnight or whenever we get things marked back up to regular price

We also have a dress set for Stumblebum this week (YES Stumblebum has been extended for a full week so plenty of time to get this cute set by next friday. For $225 L you get three Crushed Velvet long tanks with matching sculpted tulle skirts. They're on the new release wall.

Thanks for shopping with me and supporting all the designers in SL. You are exactly why we do it and why a lot of us keep going when it gets tough. Stand up for what you know is right and don't let bullies control what you do and feel ever!
Now come get some super cheap Sn@tch!


Shelby Rasmuson said...

There is far too much time wasted in life worrying about semantics and far too little time doing what we know is right. I am still learning about this issue, and don't generally speak up but I agree, no one owns the copyright on opinions..

Ruina Kessel said...

First of all, I just want to say that I support your position, Ivey. I agree - the hate mongering really does more harm than good (if it does any good at all? I'm not convinced it does). So I'm proud to see a designer I love have a positive viewpoint too. Thanks for being courageous enough to come out and speak your mind.

Secondly, holy crap thank you for the sale! :D