The Day We Fight Back

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The New...The Wicked...The Rest

The new Plush Undead Skins are out. A slightly bluish vampiric tone that I'm now addicted to. I gave a teaser away in the Tainted Love Hunt. These are the first makeups. Many more to come.

Just Walk Away named for the Kelly Clarkson song and inspired by her slinky outfit. Five short tailed jackets with silky capris, sculpted parts and a sash belt. My new favorite thing.

Lots more colors of the jacket in a pack without the capris. 7 Colors for one super low price. Includes flexy buttoned tails and sculpted shoulders

Pretty Baby is sheer linen bras and panties with tiny bows, all white and innocent looking but not quite. Six color trims all for $225 L...thats right all SIX for one price.

And for the Scary Baby in you, Black sheer linen lingerie with six bow colors all for a pittance!

The Vicious Innocence Tops are gothy and feminine. A little short and velvety with a satin sash and huge full draped sleeves. 7 colors including the requisites black, red and purple

It's almost shorts weather again...yeaaa I know Aussies are tired of the heat but here in the Northern hemisphere we're ready for the warm! Mid thigh length shorts with sculpted cuffs and a textured belt are a little low but no crack, promise LOL

That's it for now! I'm trying to keep up better. Actually blogged twice this week! Hope you like. Be sweet to each other and try to be tolerant of the ignorant. Give the malicious a smack though. They need one sometimes. See you soon and come visit us at Sn@tch. If you haven't you're missing out!

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