The Day We Fight Back

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sping into Sn@tch

These awesomely flowy sculpts made by my partner Roblem Hogarth of SculptWorks made some gorgeous long skirts. Only four prims each but moving really well when posing, walking or even dancing. There is one outfit so far called Meadow Maze and a fatpack of dark colors including my fave as More coming in lighter shades and some shorter lengths once I get to play with them some more.

Sexy and slinky, spandex pants on two layers with five cropped velvet tops and sculpted sleeves

My other fave thing of the week, the Sookie Corsets in many shades of denim and with patterned fabric inserts.

Dogboy better heel dammit!

Capped Angel sleeves on an unbuttoned embroidered top, long enough to tuck in and lots of colors for one low price...always at Sn@tch.

Come see us and bring your friends to take advantage of the Riot Vendor, Fortune Teller, Fishing and packed Lucky Chairs, Seeya!