The Day We Fight Back

Friday, May 14, 2010

If You Can Find Cheaper Sn@tch....F**k Ittttttt!

YES's that time of year again though a little late for a Spring Cleaning sale cause it's almost Summer so I'm having a "So You Think You Know Sn@tch Sale" LOL

I've heard a little bit of misinformed drivel lately saying that Sn@tch only has slutty clothes or only has neko or grungy clothes, etc and obviously they have no clue what I make so this sale is in honor of MIGHTILY dispelling that myth. As most of you know but maybe the rest of SL doesn't, Sn@tch is much more the sum of it's parts than any style in particular. Though I do lean towards sexy, cause wtf is wrong with sexy? I don't want to look like a pinched up haggy clown, a vanilla soccer mom or a hummel figurine in my Second Life. Sn@tch is casual, contemporary, punky, edgy, classic, retro, runway and streetwear as well as classic and modern gothic, rocker, clubwear and cocktail/dressy. I don't think you can come close to defining Sn@tch in one word so....

Come get some Sn@tch for 50 to 75% off for the next four days from Friday, May 14-Monday, May17!

Everything in the store with a few exceptions (see below)*** is on sale NOW. Full Outfits as low as $100 L with multiple colors and layers included. Hundreds of separates, pants, tops, sweaters, skirts, coats, latex, jeans and jackets. Socks, stockings and tights, lingerie and swimwear in huge packs of colors for as low as $85 L! Combat Boots, Ankle Boots, Dressy Boots, Flip Flops, Sneakers, Sandals and Platforms at Rock Bottom Prices. All skins, shapes, eyes, manicures and hair as low as it gets! Some items retiring to make way for new product. All Menswear also on sale for 50% off or MORE. Accessories including jewelry, belts, suspenders, hats, scarves and all KITTEH THINGS HALF OFF! Sale also includes all Gothic Clothing in the Hunger Room, all METHOD FURNITURE and ALL OFF THE RACK OUTFITS ARE ONLY $75 L!!!

You can't beat this SALE and it doesn't come around often so take advantage of it NOW. You can also use your gift cards for sale items so if you have one, now is the time to use it or if you want to give double the gift, give a card and tell them to RUN and they get TWICE what it's worth!

So we'll see you at Sn@tch! Tell your friends, spread the word and come by when you can. Monday night it all gets repriced back so do it SOON! I'll send another reminder in the next few days so no one misses out.

Coming next week al whole new slew of new releases for the start of Summer!

Luff & PEACE

***Sale DOES NOT INCLUDE the new release wall, the free and cheap room or the purchase of gift cards sorryyyyyyy


Safeer said...

~pees her pants~

Ivey Deschanel said...

eeek lemme get you a towel LOL

Ari said...

if i could describe Sn@tch with one word it would be "daaaaaamn!" or "awesome".

P.S: much love to everyone over there, i miss you guys like crazy.