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Sunday, May 2, 2010

It's Almost Over

Well this is the last day and tomorrow we're puttin the catfish and crawdads in some tupperware and leaving the Bayou. There's just one more night to check out the First Annual Alternative Fair and share your heart with some people in need through our Nothing but Nets In World Team.
Here are some more fabulous looks you can get at the Alternative Fair!

Seems like we're going to come really close to our goal of 75 nets -fingers crossed- and on behalf of the "Inappropriate as Always" Gang I'd like to thank all of our merchants, designers, sponsors, friends and employees for all their hard work and dedication to this cause. AND thanks to everyone that came to shop and shared what they had.

I've seen more generosity and graciousness in the last 10 days than I have in a long time. We'll see you soon with the next event and YES Halloween is gonna rock this year (we're already planning LOL) PUNK ROCK!!

Pic 1
Skin: Nomine Mosaic Skin China - vamp pale
Hair: NDN -Reverse Unisex Cyberlox (Pink)
Wings: Material Squirrel Ondine Wings in Black
Lashes: Crimson & Clover Blind Mag Lashes
Mask: Sn@tch The Fallen Gas Mask (smoking)
Top: Curious Kitties PVC Assassin Top
Pants: Goth1c0: Latex Pants Black ($1 L at the fair)
Boots: NDN Schaden Boots (Color change)

Pic 2
Skin: IrEn Evangeline kiss (Alt Fair Exclusive)
Hair: IrEn Jessica (Blacks)
Horns & Tail: Stringer Mausoleum Demon (Alt Fair Free Gift)
Outfit: Arsenic Lace~Scion (Amethyst)
Boots: Sn@tch Stems Latex Boots (Black)

Pic 3
Skin: Sn@tch Plush Skin Bruise 2 (Freckles) Alt Fair Exclusive
Hair: EMO-tions "EVE" /black
Lashes- Crimson & Clover Blind Mag Lashes
Dress/Jacket/Headpiece: The Black Canary ~Demure
Shoes: Sn@tch T-Strap Leather Pumps

Hurryyyy not much time left and we really want to reach our goal for the fair. We're so close!!
Thanks again to everyone and special thanks to Sileny and Isabeau over at Broke By Payday for all their blogging THEY ARE AWESOME! Go read their blog for more Alternative Fair finds!

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