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Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Fabu @ Sn@tch

My fave thing this week. A Marie Antoinette inspired Corset Top Dress with underwire look and a full ruffly sculpted skirt. The top can actually be worn as a bodysuit or just a long top so its super versatile. 4 Colors and multiple layers with a rich brocade pattern

You'll see these socks in a lot of the ads, I just adore them. Sheer slightly wrinkled looking over the knee nylons with sculpted tops and garter bow ribbons. I went nuts on the colors for these. 12 colors in the socks with 12 coordinating colors in the sock tops and the ribbons are texture changing so a crazy number of combos can be done with these and for this price, definitely worth it!

First thing I made this week, pretty summer colors in a short corset style top. 7 Colors and 2 Layers with a satiny texture and roses pattern. Great with jeans or wear over a solid color dress to snazz it up

This is just a teaser of skins to come. I'm working on the new skin line and those will be ot soon but this one is special cause of he Marie Antoinette style makeups and the porcelain skin tone. I priced these nice and low. They're lightly freckled with rubbed rouge and a beauty mark and you get two makeups and two cleavage options in the package. Demos are available!

I was goofing around with an older shoe shape to make something to wear with all the stuff this week and decided to do a bow topped platform stripper shoe. I liked the result so I thought I'd offer em for sale. You get two pairs, one black, one white with texture changing bows in 12 colors.

These skirts were just a silly thing where I was playing with polka dots and ruffles and I thought they came out kinda cute. More bright colors and I thew in a black and red one for gothy fun. 6 Colors with a sheer skirt underlayer and way cheap too.

These I'm gonna wear a lot this summer and in the fall with tights. Bright saturated color with back trims and stitches make for great contrast and go with so much. You get 8 colors and two layers in this big pack

The Velvet tee was really popular last week so I decided to make some cropped ones in colors. Super short and intense colors, 6 tops with sculpted sleeves to give it a kind of babydoll look, I paired them up with 2 pairs of jean shorts, in grey and black. A nice basic simple sext set for not much cash.

Lace covered sheer tees that are nice and long to wear with separates or add a skirt and make a cute dress with them. More subdued natural colors and white is included, just not in the pic. 8 in total on two layers so you can tuck them in too or layer a sweater or corset on top

Thats it for the new things this week. I dunno if you guys noticed the cupcake pasties in the Antoinette skin ad but I put those out as a free gift for everybody in the gift box on the table up front so grab a set of those when you come in. They look supercute on and great for themed photos!

Don't listen ro rumours of SL disasters impending. The sky is not falling...there may be changes but rolling with the punches and making the best out of a situation you have no control over is how you keep your cool and stay positive. SL isnt going anywhere, it's just evolving and I'm ALL about adapt or die. Chins up and see you soon!

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