The Day We Fight Back

Friday, June 4, 2010

I lied, it's gonna be three posts LOL

Five peasant style ruffled dresses with attached laced up the back corset and ruffled underskirt
cropped sheer white buttondown with polka dot tie amd six pairs of striped capris. Sheer gathered legs balloon slightly at the knees and all for one awesome price

Rich dark colors in 7 tanks, lace undershirt peeks out in front and in back. Very slinky to show off the curves

The newest bikini set from Sn@tch named in landmark of the Lost Finale last week. Boyshort drawstring shorts with tied wide strap bikini tops. Wooden bead detail in the back too!

All six of these single outfits are only $150 L each on the Off the Rack Wall

Upstairs at the Sn@tch Main store. Over 30 single outfits all styled and complete for the same price!

One more to go with the newest from Sn@tch I'll be back in a bit!
Come by and see us

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