The Day We Fight Back

Monday, July 5, 2010

Brand New From Sn@tch

The Good Shit Hunt is still going on and you can get the VintageVavoom Dress in a special Wine color (my fave) through Saturday the 10th in the Lobby of the Main store. Just look for the little blue soda bottle and check out all the fab stores in the hunt. You can get info and the starting point by the front door of my store in the poster, just clickit!
In the Fishing Fountain now is A red and black number called Sydney, 24 pieces including all you see below, 2 jackets with shoulderpads, 2 pairs of leather leggings with kneepads, skirt, full mini dress and belt. Fish for all the pieces or you can purchase the whole thing for one low price from the poster vendor.
And here are this past Friday's new releases including some fab summer jeans, an very innocent looking pastel gown, and some rocker wear.
Lots more coming later this week including strappy python mules, summer minidress floral playclothes and tailored trousers. Come see us at Sn@tch for everything you need to make your avatar deliciously hot.

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