The Day We Fight Back

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wednesday Special at Sn@tch

The last week I've gotten half a dozen notecards requesting I do the Racer Minis in more colors so to tide everybody over I made a white set with aqua and red stripes and a black set with purple and wine stripes as my Wednesday Special. I'll be doing larger packs of more colors later but for today and probably some of tomorrow you can get these sets of two dresses each for $75 L at the main store showroom. they're right in the middle on easels when you walk in the front door.
I also changed out the Riot Vendor and Fortune Teller items too. The Lucky chairs were just restocked last week with a dozen new items and the random prize giver is still giving out 20 different exclusive gifts to people just for walking around shopping.
The new fishing outfit is adorable and flirty and you can fish for all the pieces or just purchase the whole thing without having to wait.
Come check out Sn@tch for the best prices on sexy, casual and alternative clothing, skins and accessories.

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