The Day We Fight Back

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sometimes, Sn@tch is Bettah

Six Velvety Drapped Dresses, Comfy and Slinky for Fall
Seven Long Sheer Glittery Sweaters with Sculpted Scrunched Cuffs & Cowl

Seven Cropped Sheer Sweaters With Grey Plaid Capris and Wide Black Belt. All these colors for 1 Low Price
8 Pairs of Plaid High-Waisted Capris with Sculpted Cuffs and Wide Leather Belt
8 Paisley Minis with a Sculpted and Flexy Combo for Great Flow AND Coverage
7 Checked Cropped, Scoop Neck Tops In Hot Colors with Grungy Black Mini and Kneesocks
10 Pairs of Diamond Knit Pattered Over Knee Socks
 All available now on the New Release Wall at Sn@tch

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