The Day We Fight Back

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Sale May be Over

But that doesn't mean the deals are gone! Check out the new Fishing Outfit at Sn@tch today. 18 pieces including Corduroy Jacket, Wrist Scarf, Fuchsia Sweater, Velvet Fall Color Pants, Wine Velvet Clogs, Socks, Cat-Eye Sunglasses and Purse with holding animation all FREE to fish for in the fountain or you can purchase it from the Vendor for a super low price.

And the Blue Light Special today is a Goth Sweater Set with SIX Brocade Sweaters and a 
Full Dolly Skirt in Black Ruffles all for only $69 L til tomorrow night

I also just refilled the Lucky Chairs with a dozen new items and the Riot Vendor and Fortune Teller are restocked for the week so come check it out soon!

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