The Day We Fight Back

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cookies & Sn@tch

The Blue Light Special is PANK & Cuteness. An embroidered cashmere sweater, sculpted sequin mini skirt, socks and 2 makeups to match all for just $65 L today and tomorrow only!
The New Fishing outfit is a color variation of the Holiday Cotillion Gown, with 20 pieces including Gown,
Sash, Top Hat, Choker, Sapphire Ring, Earrings, Stockings, Gloves & Shoes. FREE if you fish for the pieces in our frozen fountain or you can buy the whole thing for $350 L from the vendor.

 TP to Sn@tch for these and other fab deals as well as presents under the tree, new Riot Vendor and Fortune Teller items AND the last day of the GREAT 2010 SNOWBALL HUNT!

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