The Day We Fight Back

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Blue Light Special at Sn@tch

Only $69 L for the next two days. The Pierrette from Hell Outfit includes, corseted tutu skirt, black and white strapped backless halter, scarf and two tone PVC pants. GREAT DEAL and only available til Friday!
In the Riot Vendor this 8 Corset/Denim Skirt combo. Both Riot Vendor Outfits are under $50 L if enough people come to hang for a few minutes!
Also...Jean Jumper with and without color lace raffles in the Riot Vendor NOW

FREE Fishing Outfit only one more week to pick this up!
Freshly packed lucky chair too and Hot New Releases from Friday...all at the Sn@tch main store now!

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