The Day We Fight Back

Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Extreme Digits (AKA be proud of your Avatar)

I finally did my digits for Strawberry Singh's Blog Challenge!
And yes, I'm super tall (Vampire yanno) I have super long hips and arms and a booty for days.
If anyone throws off the average curve, its ME lol. Do one yourself, its fun!

Hair: Detour (Unravel-Burgundy)
Skin: Mother Goose (Joe)
Locket: =^^= MIAO Abernathy Locket Necklace
Kicks-Sn@tch Spinner High Tops
Panties: Sn@tch Roxie Panties
Tattoo Earrings Bangles & Tape: Sn@tch

1 comment:

Chic Aeon said...

OMG you actually have arms longer than mine! One point but still longer *wink*.