The Day We Fight Back

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It's a Sn@tchtastic Day!

It's Wednesday again and not the same old kinda Humpday...this is an extra special juicy humpday with some fab deals at Sn@tch! Quick and easy...there is NO Blue Light Special today AWEEEEEEE...ya I know but there's lots more coming on Friday and I'm in Disco Deals later this week, no worries. Today is special cause it's time for the SN@TCH SUMMER MEGA HAPPY FUN TIME SPARKLE GIFT CARD SALE!
This is how it works. You buy a gift card now for 20% to 50% off, depending on denomination, and you can purchase any Sn@tch Product in the future with it...or use it now so basically it's like getting up to 50% off at Sn@tch ANYTIME YOU WANT TO! 

The Gift Cards come in denominations of $250 L to $5000 L but I can do any amount you like on request so send me a notecard if we don't have the specific card amount you want and I'll do my best!

These are manual gift cards, not the automated kind lag, no failed transactions. just fill out the included notecard with your requests and a little info and send them back to me and they'll be filled asap. We can also deliver them in a gift box for you with a personal message, just let me know by notecard what you need!

The sale runs from Today June 29 through Sunday, July 3 so take advantage while they're so cheap! $250 L cards are $200 L, $500 L cards are $300 L and anything above that is HALF PRICE.  Please read the included notecard for all policies and regulations that still apply.

We'll see you at Sn@tch!

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