The Day We Fight Back

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Another Day in SL

You guys know I haven't done editorial posts on my blog in a long time but I'm posting this Press Release from MOOD's Jori Watler for two reasons. One is, she is my friend. She is opinionated, smart, talented,  business savvy and very outspoken sometimes even to her detriment but she is honest and she is my friend. And two, because I think what has been done to her is absolutely wrong and one of the worst examples of business I have seen in Second Life in the last five years. I too have been ripped off by fly-by-night mall owners, mock fashion agencies and even an event organizer. But this is a case of out and out lying and theft and on top of it, now spite. Read for yourself the Press Release which is backed by more than enough evidence for me and I'm jaded as they come.

For immediate release


May 24th 2011, MOOD Jewelry entered into an agreement with the organizers of Jewelry Fair 2011 to provide sponsorship of the event.  Jewelry Fair is an in-world event featuring accessories creators from across the grid and benefits an undisclosed charity

On July 7, 2011, 6 weeks ago, merchants and Sponsors were presented with copies of the fair build.  MOOD found the booth designs to be poorly made and not conducive to displaying jewelry. When these concerns were brought to the attention of fair organizers, and satisfaction could not be made to remedy the overall look, MOOD withdrew from the fair as both a sponsor and a participant. All logos and linkage by Jewelry Fair organizers were removed immediate, and it was suggested that MOOD owner, Jori Watler leave the inworld group (which was done.)

 Fair organizers agreed that if a replacement sponsor was secured, all sponsorship fees paid would be returned to MOOD.

As of this writing, the official website of Jewelry Fair 2011 indicates that a replacement sponsor has been found as there are now eight sponsors listed.

Multiple attempts have been made to contact fair organizers, via in-world message and notecard.  These attempts have not resulted in any response. The sponsorship fee in question is L$30,000, approximately $120.00 USD.

MOOD Jewelry supports all of the merchants participating in Jewelry Fair 2011, however, the actions of fair organizers calls into question their integrity and that of the event.

MOOD Jewelry regularly supports, and will continue to support, charitable events and initiatives in Second Life but cannot, in good faith, condone, support or otherwise participate in this event, the organizers of which have shown lack of integrity and credibility.

MOOD Jewelry is owned by Jori Watler.

Jewelry Fair Coordinator is Cara Ametza.

I am very sorry if this hurts any of the designers involved in this event. It is not their fault. This could have been handled amicably and efficiently by the Coordinator without any attention, but I will not be attending the Jewelry Fair again until this is settled and the $30,000 L Fee has been refunded as promised. I hope people reading will pass this along too. Would you trust your money going to a charity from someone who would steal 120 dollars from a designer? I wouldn't. I am encouraging the designers involved in this event to speak up now. Be brave and stand up for this like you would hope someone would stand up if it happened to you. I also encourage shoppers to not attend this event. To Cara Ametza and the organizers of the fair, do the right thing and return the Sponsorship Fee as you promised you would. Don't make your supporters and your charity suffer for your spite.


As of this afternoon and after several blog posts by prominent SL bloggers & designers. Mood's Sponsorship fee was returned. Of course the Event Coordinator made a snarky post to go with it, but she did the right thing in the end. Thank you everyone for your support and I hope the vendors at the Jewelry Fair do well as well as the charity.

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