The Day We Fight Back

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Gates of Hell Open....

After two months of work with a very dedicated team, NO sleep and 400 Low Carb is TIME. The Flesh Game is NOW OPEN. We've piled all our sickness and depravity into this horrific project for your entertainment. PLEASE read all the information provided at the start of the game when you sign in at the front desk...then wear your hud and play! 

Please please make it easier on yourself and everyone else by taking off all your extraneous scripted things and prims.  And if it's really busy at first, we will be open until November 13 so maybe try again a little later. This year we have gone way beyond what we've done in the past with a scripted hud and effects by Hez Scripts & Planet Ash,  A fabulous story and puzzles by Toxic Candy Games. Here is a list of the Merchants who have SO GENEROUSLY donated prizes hidden throughout the massive 3 sim build...

Sn@tch (Of course lol)
Dragon Magick Wares
Beauty Killer
Funky Junk
Fierce Designs
Body Couture
Crave Clothing
SWAK Designs
Hatter 'n Hell
Lushish Catz
I REALLY hope everybody enjoys it. We worked really hard to get here and that makes it all worth it. We also have a Souvenir Shop at the end this year where you can purchase some fab Halloweenie type things from all our vendors and even buy parts of the Flesh Game set for your own fun at home so please check it out at the end.

If you like the game please go to our Facebook Page and give it a LIKE for me and for the ones that do our games every year, if you remember what your first time was like, help others as they go through when you can. I would really appreciate it! We're going to have a lot of New Players this year casue we're also in the SL Desination Guide lol

If you have any problems with the game or specific questions, please contact Roblem Hogarth or Dahlia Darkstone! (Or me, if I'm paying attention and not in Photoshop LOL)

 Ohh and a new Sn@tch-N-Grab Special today too only $75 L all this week!

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