The Day We Fight Back

Saturday, October 15, 2011

This Ain't No Hayride...

You are a contestant in this years HOTTEST NEW REALITY SHOW
and you are LATE for the first night of filming. 
You arrive at the studio praying for your big break with 6 other hopefuls 
And you find something has gone horribly wrong...

Blood on the floor, broken camera equipment, missing TV monitors
 a blinking red light on the phone and no one is there. What do you do next...
Where is everyone?

Welcome Contestant Number 7
It's time to play the Flesh Game
Your only challenge is to NOT get ELIMINATED.

Brought to you by the Creators of Cutting Class, Nightmare Eden & Dive
The scariest horror experience in Second Life
Produced by The Pulse/Snatch City/Nomine Team
Storyline & Puzzles by Toxic Candy Games
Hud & Scripting by Hez Scripts & Planet Ash
Sponsored with donated prizes by all of our Merchants & Creators
Dragon Magick Wares
Beauty Killer
Funky Junk
Fierce Designs
Body Couture
Crave Clothing
SWAK Designs
Hatter 'n Hell
Lushish Catz

So turn the lights down, crank the sound up, sign in at the front desk to get your personal
mobile phone HUD and step inside the studio. Where it takes you after that is all part of the show.

Disclaimer: The Flesh Game is not a hunt, it is a Survival Horror Game with Prizes
generously donated by several of our Merchants.
The Flesh Game is VERY adult in nature and NOT for Children or the Squeamish.
Please remove all primmy objects/clothing, sound and animated objects, as well as heavily scripted items and set your draw distance to the minimum for the ease and enjoyment of yourself and everyone.
Most of all HAVE FUN!

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