The Day We Fight Back

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Spring always comes

I loveeeee organza in RL and it's really hard to pull off on an SL texture but I think I got pretty close! These flouncy feminine skirts are soooo cute and fluffy, I just love the way they float and move. Layers of pastel organza in flexy with a sculpted waistband and bow (glitch pants too) You get all 7 of these skirts for only $69 L this week at Sn@tch.
And the Esperanza Blouse available exclusively at the Back to Black Event,
goes great with them. 
Esperanza means Hope which is something to hang on to when everything seems like it's closing in and you're all alone. Reach out to someone if you feel you need help and educate yourself on the facts about mental illness so when someone asks for that help, you can offer them understanding and hope. There is a ton of info and some amazing exclusive items available at this awareness event by Chic.

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