The Day We Fight Back

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dah knows how they make Sn@tch so creamy

Hiya Sn@tchettes *waves* I am bringing you another installment of Ivey's (not so) newest from last friday lol.  I am running a little behind due to being back at school *whines*  You'll forgive me right?  *blink bat blink*  Come on down to Sn@tch and check out the new release wall, do some fishing, hit the luckys, and riot those boards!

Top:  Sn@tch  Jett Lace Body Suit
Corset:  Sn@tch  Boucher Rococo Mesh Corset
Skirt:  Sn@tch  Revati Mesh Silk Skirt
Skin: .Ploom.
Makeup:  .Pekka.
Hair:  Truth

Dress:  Sn@tch Eddie Steps Out
Skin:  Al Vulo
Makeup:  .Pekka.
Flower and Glasses:  Artilleri
Hair:  Vanity Hair

Outfit:  Sn@tch Tomboy
Arm Tattoo:  Sn@tch Apnea
Cuffs:  Sn@tch Dirty Biker Cuffs
Earrings:  Sn@tch Mandala
Other Tats, Bruises, and Banged Up Knees:  Little Pricks
Skin:  Curio
Hair:  Amacci

Dress:  Sn@tch Daytripper
Skin:  Mother Goose
Lip gloss:  Mock
Hair:  Magika


Ladiejj said...

Does anyone know which hair from truth that is in picture number one

Ivey Deschanel said...

Not sure, Dahlia took the pics. I'll poke her and see if I can find out for you.

Ladiejj said...

Thanks Ivey :)

Dahlia Darkstone said...

Hi guys, the hair is Truth - Gloria. If you like that style you might also want to take a look at Amanda as well. Hope this helps <3 Dah