The Day We Fight Back

Friday, January 25, 2013

Grab Life by the Sn@tch

The New Releases are Up on the Wall Now at Sn@tch

 And the Hot Special this week is this Retro Ruffled Dress in 4 sizes and 8 Colors for only $100 L! 

FRIDAYYYYY....sweet. I'm ALMOST done with the little remodel thats taken like a month lol. The bargain pit is gone and all the discount stuff has been moved to the new Sn@tch Outlet Store on Pulse next door. There's a sign at the front door if you need a TP. I am building a NEW Noobie Area in the store that should be finished this week -fingers crossed-. There will also be a photography studio where everybody can take pics and as you see the Mesh section has expanded to the back of the store. I'll have new Maps with TPs set up soon! Everything else is pretty much the same just tweaked a bit. If you can't find anything let me know!

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