The Day We Fight Back

Friday, March 1, 2013

Sn@tch for TwistedHunt/Delirium

If you hadn't heard yet, the Legendary Twisted Hunt/Delirium has begun today and Sn@tch is a PROUD Sponsor! I've been doing the Twisted Hunts since they began and it's my fave thing all year!

Our Twisted Prize is an "American Horror Story" Inspired build called a Mini Asylum. This is a modified version of our club the Volcano Room and it's perfect for skyboxes and small clubs too!

We also have a Mini Hunt in the main showroom of the store. There are 10 little lock boxes filled with fun accessories and even full outfits. the boxes look like this! 

They're scattered around the main room (and one in the game room) Each one has a hint inside for the next, so see if you can find them ALL. Touch the Easel by the Front Desk for all the details and hints to get you started on your trip into MADNESS Muahahahaaaaa....

Seriously, THE most fun and hardest hunt on the Grid. 
(My store is easy though) LOL

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