The Day We Fight Back

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Sn@tch is Back!

I've been on a break this past week but back with a vengeance! So many specials and events today at Sn@tch that you must know about. Here it goes!
For Woeful Wednesday since it's ridiculously hot here I was inspired to make some sexy Gothic swim wear. 8 colors included in this slinky brocade corseted swimsuit and only $50 L this week! We swim, I swear, we just do it at night! LOL

 Royal Hotel is the NEW Sn@tch Fishing Outfit and it's two complete outfits with 21 pieces to fish for including: Bodysuit, Corset Top with Sheer Undershirt, Shiny Black Jeans, Net Stockings, Choker, Net Sculpted Skirt and Suede Ankle Boots. Get it FREE while you can!

Sn@tch is participating in a few awesome events starting this week! First is the Dark Katz Hunt 4 (This is our first lol) so I made some  fur shorts! They are so cute I think! Just find the little spiky cat head in the main store. There's a hint by the door and you know me, I didn't hide it very well haha 

 And Sn@tch is also participating in The Koreshan Hillbilly Hoedown Country Fair and Ticket Rally where you can play games, ride rides and win big! This is my exclusive item you can win (In the toilet plunger game rofl) PLUS there's a FREE gift and you can win a $500 L Sn@tch Gift card with your game tickets. Tons of other prizes from some amazing designers too and lots of fun so go see it!

And that's it for today! More NEW hotness from Sn@tch coming on Saturday. Til then!

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