The Day We Fight Back

Friday, August 9, 2013

It's Back to School Sale Time at Sn@tch!

Right now only at the Sn@tch Main Store, we're going "Back to School" shopping and EVERYTHING is 50% to 75% OFF! AND You will even find some $10L and $25L and $50L and even FREE things MIXED IN! So get over here and take advantage of these prices! 

  Part of your back to school morning includes a healthy breakfast too so make sure you stop by the front desk SALE sign and pick up your box of tasty Sn@tcheroos and get the special FREE prize inside!

 Check out Sn@tch NOW and get all those outfits you've been wanting. Now is the time to use your gift cards and get TWICE what they're worth. The Off the Rack Outfits (and many older items)  WILL  be RETIRED and ALL those prices are extra low so grab 'em while you can!

  From Today through Monday we are totally saving you cash! Take advantage of these fantastic prices and see why YOUR Sn@tch is one of Second Life's favorite discount alternative, casual, gothic and rocker clothing stores. Here's your TAXI and thank you to all our customers who make doing this such a pleasure!

Come down to Sn@tch and you'll see how low the prices go!  This sale is only TODAY through MONDAY! 
I'll poke you on Sunday for a reminder -wink- Tell your friends and come soon!

*Sale does NOT include New Releases, any items already discounted, SL Marketplace or Gift Card Purchases.

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