The Day We Fight Back

Saturday, August 17, 2013

The More Sn@tch the Better!

The Newest Releases are up on the Wall at Sn@tch!

I also put out some of my favorite slinky shorts from a past event!

And these cute latex polka dot pants are on sale for only $50 L!

PLUS we have AMAZING prices on all fatpacks every day!
So come over to Sn@tch soon and see what's NEW!


Kathleen Ghost said...

Wow! So punk!! I'm wondering about the models because they give a final touch to the sn@tch-look... Where did you find the skins? They're gorgeous and totally fit with your clothes :O (the shapes are wonderful too!) I'm in love with those black lips ;) Could you also link the designers of other parts of the outfits that the models are wearing (skins/shapes, hair, accessories) if theses items aren't a sn@tch-product?

Ivey Deschanel said...

Happy to share! In all these ads I'm wearing Essences Skins in the Beach tone. Hair I get from a lot of different places but I shop a lot at Lelutka, Exile, DeLa, Catwa, Exxess and Chemistry. The black lipstick is from Pink Fuel and the shape is my own, but I have one very similar for sale at the store called Jessica. Thanks so much :)) If you need any specifics from a particular ad, just let me know.