The Day We Fight Back

Saturday, September 21, 2013

One World, One Sn@tch

When it's Saturday, the Sn@tch New Releases fall down like magic on to the New Release Wall LOL
I hope you see something you have to have today! 

The Astrid Mixed Mesh Sweater Set is is an item I did for a special event last Winter and I never put it out for sale after. It's up on the wall with all the other new stuff. At a Special Price too!

Don't forget about the Woeful Special that's still up near the front desk. It's only $50 L for a bit longer!

So come to Sn@tch today and see what's NEW!

Luff & PEACE 


Danutk Demina said...

I just adore the hair on the bottom pic :), an chance of finding out where is it from pls?

Ivey Deschanel said...

Heyy Danutk, sorry I just saw your question! That hair is from DeLa. I can't remember the name offhand but it should be right up front when you walk in their hair section. Sorry again for the wait!