The Day We Fight Back

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sn@tch Humpday Specials!

It's time for another Woeful Wednesday at Sn@tch and we have some other fab deals too! this set of Gothic Neckties come in 8 Patterns and they're unrigged mesh with a resize script included. So cute with just a simple top, vest or tank or you can fit it over your shirt collars and only $50 L this week!

We also have some NEW Riot Vendor Stuff including a  sexy cropped sweater, Gothic Jeans that will match and a gorgeous long Gothic Low-Backed Gown. All can be had for cheap if enough people are around

 The Twisted Hunt-Fall has also begun and Sn@tch has the perfect horror carnival ride...a Zombie Carousel of the Living Dead. It has gore and moaning and spinning and poses are included so you can ride while it plays it's erie song! Click the easel at the front of the store for a hint and news of Sn@tch Twisted Extras. GL finding that little evil spinning box of doom! I didn't hide it very well lol

And we have a ton of hot new releases too but I'll show you that again later LOL. 
So come see us soon, there's so much to see at Sn@tch!

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