The Day We Fight Back

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Specials Day at Sn@tch

Spoil Yourself Today! 
Out now Woeful Wednesday at Sn@tch. Only $50 L for this Unrigged Mesh Leather Collar with O-ring in the back. The straps and studs are scripted Just click the collar for a whole bunch of colors, tints and sizing. 3 Attachment points included too!

There's also a NEW Fishing Outfit today and RED is the key! It's called Hot Blooded and you can make a few outfits from all 24 parts including Sweater, Corset, Latex Pants with Textured Kneepads, Mesh Belted Mini, Thigh High Socks, Boots, Spiked Collar and Earrings. 

We also have 3 New Riot Vend Things today so bring friends and drop the prices faster to snag an awesome deal!

 That's the lot for today! I hope you guys have a kick ass week and spread the Sn@tch love wherever you go. It's infectious! Be sweet to each other too ;) Til next time...

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