The Day We Fight Back

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Hot Autumn Sn@tch

Have you seen the new releases at Sn@tch this week? Omg Ivey has outdone herself yet again! They are simply gorgeous. I'm in love!! Be sure to grab demos and not rely on your usual sizing, cos sometimes the mesh standard sizings vary from item to item and sometimes a dress fits you better in M instead of your usual S.

All poses used in this post are from the new female range of poses from Velvet Ink, which you will find on the Sn@tch City sim!

Sorcha Sequin Sweater and Rebound Denim Belted Skirt

Sibby Wrap Dress

Rebound Cord Belt Skirt

Kendra Polka Dot Dress and Kellan Winter Boots

Kellan Winter Boots

Don't forget to hit the games room where you can get some Sn@tch for free or next to nothing by Fishing, hitting the Riot Vends and Lucky Boards.

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