The Day We Fight Back

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Seasons Sn@tchings!

Fa La La La Laaaaa La La La LAAAAAA...there ya go, have that song in your head lol It's the season. Specials galore today at Sn@tch including Woeful Wednesday Lingerie, New Riot Vendor Things, a Sparkling New Fishing Outfit and the LAST DAY of our Annual Holiday Gift Card Sale! 

 For Woeful Wednesday. Only $50 L for Striped Lingerie with Lolas Tango Hud only $50 L Today!

There's a NEW Fishing Outfit TOO! Something elegant and extravagant for the season called The Grand Dutchess. It includes Lots of fur pieces, collar, cuffs, hat with broach, jewelry, bustier, sweater, fur booties, gloves with SLink applier, makeup & glamorous mesh velvet skirts in 4 sizes. This will be up for 2 weeks so get it FREE while you can!

And these three sets are now in the Riot Vendors! Bring some friends and drop the prices to their lowest and everybody wins!

Come see us at Sn@tch for Great Holiday Savings this week! 

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