The Day We Fight Back

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Sn@tch Above the Rest

We're back on schedule after the big Sn@tch move with more Specials and News! A NEW Sn@tch-n-Grab by popular request, NEW Riot Vendor Things and Finally a NEW Fishing Outfit LOL. Thanks for being patient with me.

The Sn@tch-N-Grab today is something people have been poking me about all week since the new store opened. The couches in the VIP lounge lol. They are plushy and comfy! There are two couches, one with couples poses and one with singles, plus a matching ottoman, black wooden table, plant and a rug for only $75 L today. Seriously you can't beat this price and I hope you have fun with em! 

And I know you guys are ready for a New Fishing Outfit! I sure was lol and I'm not wanting to wait for Spring either, hence the name and the color palette! Spring Can't Wait has 21 parts to fish for including a lingerie set with stockings, filigree corset, lace top, mesh lace skirt and striped ruffled capris. I also threw in a set of bracelets and gold coin earrings and SLink & Lolas Tango Appliers. 

Come to Sn@tch Soon and See What's NEW!

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