The Day We Fight Back

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sn@tch...Because You're Worth It

The Sn@tch-n-grab is to show love for my new booty lol and I wanted some fun funky capris to play in. This set of system layer, sexy denim super low-rise capris with leather and leopard trim come in 8 colors with a Ghetto Booty Hud too! All for only $75 L this week!

The Riot Vendors are re-packed with some pastels and my fave boots! This sweater set and skirt set were designed together so they match pretty perfectly and I wear these boots constantly, they're my ab faves! AND they are totally unisex! Bring some friends over and get the prices down fast to get the best deal!

 The Fishing Outfit is up for one more week and it's Just PEACHY lol sorry, that just tickles me ;)

That's the sitch today! I hope you're having a beautiful week and getting ready for spring! I have lots of plans including getting to some customer wish lists, original mesh and fitted mesh, making socks and gloves and more nails for SLink stuff and some fun brights for the new season! Looking forward to sharing it all with you soon! I'll tty on Saturday! Be sweet to each other!

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