The Day We Fight Back

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

We Make Sn@tch Happen

Humpday means Sn@tchday and Sharing is Caring -grins- Here's my share...New Specials today including a Sinister Makeup Special, New Riots and a New Fishing Outfit that's just PEACHY! Come check it out! 

The NEW Sinister Gloss Makeups and Lips are the Special today with 14 full makeup tattoos and 14 matching gloss lipsticks. Only $50 L this week for the whole pack!

There's a New Fishing Outfit todday too! Some pastels for those who have been craving them. That's Just Peachy has 24 pieces to fish for including Lingerie, Bodysuit, Mesh Sweater & Tutu Skirt, Capri Pants, Shoes, Earrings and Ring. I also threw in a Lolas Tango Hud & a Ghetto Booty Hud. Fish for all the parts and make all these outfits or add to your own looks!

 And the Riot Vendors are full of new things too including a set of adorable Floral Jeans (with NEW Ghetto Booty Hud), My fave Girlie Sweaters and a slinky and soft Velvet Gothic Coat. Drag your friends over to get the best price when they drop!

That's all from the basement for me today LOL I hope you and yours have the best week, make it through these last few weeks of cold and snow and have fun with your friends in SL. Real friends make all the BS worthwhile (or at least bearable) Be sweet to each other and come to Sn@tch Soon!

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