The Day We Fight Back

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Hot New Sn@tch

I'm sharing some of the amazing Sn@tch releases from the past couple of weeks.  If you're looking for something cute and casual or sexy and dressy, you'll find the perfect something to wear instore now!  And there's even nails for your Slink hands to compliment your outfits!  So make some room in your inventory and run on in to Sn@tch now and get shopping!

Stormy Calico Mini Dress

Tasha Metallic Babydoll Prom Dress

Baby Firefly Star Tank

Ika Ruffled String Halter Top

Gold Tipped Nails - Pastels (for Slink Hands)

Vamp Gloss Nails - Intense (for Slink Hands)

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