The Day We Fight Back

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Sn@tchmas PT 2!

I have a little holiday message for you. YES you! -points- I think you ALL are awesome. Like not just awesome in general but kickass fuckin' specifically. Without you to get me through some of the tough stuff, I don't know where I would be today. You make getting up & getting in world totally worth it and I'm so grateful to you and love you all so so much. To my VIPs, YOU especially rock. Ty for helping each other and helping me throughout the year. You make all the difference! My wishes for are for you in SL this year. No matter what RL brings you, I hope in at least in SL that you find love, friendship, acceptance, fun and relaxing peace. Happy Holidays and remember to be SWEET to each other! 
ho ho ho ho ho!

Don't forget we have 5 days worth of FREE XMAS PRESENTS under the Sn@tch Tree. One more to go tomorrow, but they're all still available for a VERY limited time after Xmas!

Now here are today's Specials at Sn@tch!
We're in Woeful Wednesday this week along with some other great dark designers. I made this set of sexy pouted lipsticks and they're only $50 L today!

We also have a NEW Fishing Outfit for the New YEAR! 21 peices to fish for for FREE just bring your 7 Seas pole and hang out for awhile to fish!

The Riot Vendors have also been refilled with pretties so come over soon! I hope everybody has a fantastic holiday week! All our love!!

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