The Day We Fight Back

Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Sn@tch is on FIRE! Sn@tch Summer SALE!

 The store is ablaze this week with a SALE on almost EVERYTHING! 

135L or LESS for all full fatpacks of mesh clothes, tops, pants, skirts, dresses, gowns and swimwear!

100L or LESS for all Older style Mesh vendors by size. TONS at 50L and below!

110 or LESS for ALL System Clothing Fatpacks with Omega Appliers!

100L or LESS for All Shoes and Boots!

50L or LESS for ALL older System Clothing without Appliers!

75L or LESS for All Socks, Makeup, Jewelry and Accessories!

25 L for ALL Slink Nail Appliers!

Look for the Orange @ SIGN for even bigger discounts on certain items! 
Some Fatpacks are as low as 25L!!

We also have our Sn@tch-n-Grab Special & NEW Riots too! 
It's a SCORCHER at Sn@tch ALL Weekend! Come see us!

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