The Day We Fight Back

Monday, September 27, 2021


St Jude's Academy having never recovered from it's sordid past was left to disrepair & eventual condemnation. The entire building was demolished & soon to be replaced by St Jude's College for Girls, featuring a slightly larger Campus with only slightly more modern amenities. A thriving community of brilliant & well to do students. New bricks & mortar, burying the devastating history below its lofty foundations, to be forgotten & lost to urban legend.

You begin the game as a college student invited to the first Lamba Alpha Gamma Sorority "Bountiful Harvest Social. There wasn't much buzz early on but the entire campus exploded with excitement over a social media link to an invitation...Shenanigans afoot, it was now going to be a "Halloween Hellraiser"! How the Sorority President, Mallory Grace, managed to convince Mother Superior to sanction it is a complete mystery, but one can assume it took a lot of "manipulation" and everyone is suspecting It's going to be a HELL of a party!


We're baaaaaaaaack...Pulse Games & Snatch City return this Halloween for the scariest, most disgusting, vile, horrific & depraved Survival Horror Game in Second Life. With multiple levels across the Snatch City Sim, make your way through the darkened halls of St Jude's, learn about it's twisted history of desperation, murder & demonic possession while solving puzzles to advance & finding clues to escape! From the creators of The Flesh Game, Resting Place, Nowhere and Birthright, Come play our 13th Horror Survival Game & see if you can make it out of St Jude's ALIVE!

We open in mid October and run through mid November (Dates to be announced)

Adults Only-NOT for the squeamish or easily offended. More Info to come! 

The Pulse Games/Snatch City Team

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