The Day We Fight Back

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

LOWRISE 69....How low can we go...

I'm a big fan of lowrise...not so low that my ass is hanging out, but low slung and smexyy. I've been putting off working on pants cause I really enjoy making tops and skirts more and thats usually what I wear. But when I was thinking about doing my own line of lowrise pants, the silver 69 grommet belt idea popped into my head and LOWRISE 69 was born. Again all tops come in all three layers for versatility and the spotted pants come in an underwear layer so you can tuck into boots. I also just finished a kyoot neko-ish outfit called Jersey Romper. A fuzzy grey sweater with a striped baby doll cami dress, over the knee wolly socks and bunches of bunchy legwarmers!

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