The Day We Fight Back

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Working FRENZY....Ok I'm addicted

We opened a few store locations in some gothic malls, so this is my foray into the style. Suggested by asc Arcadia my best friend and cookieliscious creamy center of all things fuckery, I named the Beauty Debased series after her old palace where we used to rule supreme...and make a shitload of flat avatars. The amazing alpha lace was designed by Yukio Ita. The skirt is low hung and RAWRRR....Been wanting a pair of slutty booty shorts so here's my skully denim version. A Redo of one of my first shirts the knit halter (by far my best seller) I skulled it up and went from aqua to black. Finally some hot lowrise suede pants and my fave triangle kini. All available at the Sn@tch Main Store on Pulse!

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