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Monday, January 28, 2008

Get the Fever...

Ahh what a few weeks it's been. I had some fab new releases, got blogged by some fantastic fashion bloggers, went to a big SL hollywood celebrity party and business has been amazing! I met some people I have admired since my early days in SL and they actually "like" my shit. I was in designer heaven. Plus I got to dress all skanky and listen to hot music all night. Congrats to Rudy and Adaire for their year anniversary at the Titty Twister. It was a funnn night.

News hot off the presses. Sn@tch is branching out into a separate line. Most of our stuff doesnt pack em in at the gothic locations so we are re-merchandising and working on a new line of goth club wear called "The Hunger" It'll be and veryy affordable.

Now on to the newest releases. Wow I've done a lot since the last time I blogged! I'll start with the Club Wear. I saw something while surfing I thought would be fun to do. In Thailand there are these chicks that stand around in store windows like live action models, playing with products and generally enticing people into stores. They're called Betel Nut Girls and though most of the society think of them as not much more than prostitutes, I thought they were the coolest. They wear bright clothes and act so cute trying to get customers. Bangcock Back Alley captures that feeling...but it's muchhhh smaller than what the real girls wear -grins-My first few months in SL were spent at a Gothic/Vampire RP sim (we wont mention...bleh. Bad memories. But I did meet Roblem there and some of my closest friends. This outfit is sooo me from back then. I call it Fluffer X cause that was my password for SL back then lol. Ohh and that is my original Naughty hair from back then, I still look hot in that!Heading off a little more in the goth direction is the Gothkini. Diamond sparkly pattern with a sexy flounce skirt and Onyx Brooch. It comes like Fluffer X with long sleeved fishnet shirt and fishnet over the knee socks. Yea yea we all know I'm a sucker for beat me hehe. Highschool Hellcat with two lenths of sweaters, two lengths of socks and the cutest lil plaid skirt I've made yet!
I had this shirt when I was in highschool. I wore it down to threads before my mom tossed it. It's my fave Sisters of Mercy Tee (this one is a little worn out too) and five stockings with a chain gartered slim skirt. Two plaids of course, pink cheetah, skulls and houndstooth. This is a great set to mix and match!

I'm a huge Misfits fan, this is my tribute in pixel clothes. Leather and lace and laces with red suede gloves and stockings with lace tops. The shorts underdneath can be worn alone and sort of have a bloomer feel to them. This one is fun!Ok now on to the REAL club clothes. These are my hollywood party dresses. The Barfly is slinky, glittery and reallly short. It comes in six colors, sold separately with fishnets zipped up the back...or in a glam pack. All six for a huge discount!Yesss several people requested the Barfly dress in metallic colors so I did gold and silver. the Precious Metals set includes both dresses with the zippered fishnets. These are cheap cheap for the gorgeous looks you get. The name speaks for itself. This one is truly SINFUL. I wore this to the Titty Twister One year anniversary party and won the "Most Glam Rock" Prize. A 500 L gift certificate to Tete a Pied! This has a sculpted slim skirt and attached glittery tails. You'll feel amazingly sensual in it.The Santa Sangre Gown was so popular I decided to do it in black. Film Noir comes with a long sheer black flexi scarf and sheer gloves. A glittery bodice and flowing satin. Like Santa Sangre it comes in two lengths...and doesn't asc look hotttt in it?Thats it for now. Anything I've forgotten will go in the next post! Weeeee...always fun to be had in our little hole. Come for the freebies, stay for the Sn@tch!

Luff and PEACE! IV

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