The Day We Fight Back

Monday, January 28, 2008

Urban and Fucked UP

I went all City Sleek this past week and released a few hot little items. Including my new fave things...the Undone Sweaters. These are my dad's cardigans that I used to steal and fuck up. These are still on the nice side tho. On the Jaket layer so you can wear your tatts and a Tshirt underneath. The Undone's come in five warm colors, including Moss if you got the group gift this weekend in the subscribe o matic. I've been wearing these since I made them. Except when they got taken off lol.

Now on to the jeans. Dia De Los Muertos for men and women. The chick's version comes with a capri jean and prim cuffs and both versions come with the skull crystal belt. Simple, black (tintable) and very hot with handpainted shadows. they ride low too...smexyyy
I took the same jeans and like I did back in the day...completely trashed them. Punk band patches, sharpies and ball point pens and lots of holes and rips. Punk as Hell-1984 is the result. These are unisex and come in two layers. No belt with these, but you cant beat the price....and I did the best belt for them seperately hehe thats next!
This was fun to do and they've been selling like crazy. It says it simply and effectively right where everyone can see. No more hiding your feelings, just show it on your buckle. The set comes in male and a female tapered version for hips, both for just $150 L. And the are trans so you can give one away!
I played with sculpties this week and put together a few warm sweater dresses. Way 80s off the shoulder and very short. Can't you just see Pat Benatar in one of these! Fun to wear in four winter colors (yes people it's still winter!)

Ok thats it for this post. Best for last. Kilts are coming and contest news!! Til the next time ummm...a few minutes from now.

Luff & PEACE, IV

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